Adarna Aerospace empowers all users with data and actionable information, through immersive technologies.

We believe that data saves time, saves resources, and more importantly, we believe that data has the capacity to save lives!

– Ariston Gonzalez, Founder

Technology is about being able to do more with less. Adarna Aerospace fully leverages the powers of multiple technologies such as Remote Sensing (RS), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in order to improve new and existing processes. These technologies, while all individually powerful, are able to create a synergy together, forming a platform exponentially more capable as opposed to separate technology solutions. 

Geospatial information from remote-sensing satellite data, if leveraged correctly, can drastically optimize productivity in industries like agriculture and mining.

– Engr. Benjamin Magallon, Co-founder

Unfortunately, remote sensing data, satellite data, and other technical data are mostly utilized only by scientists and specialists. Rarely do the ground-level field users, including farmers and miners, incorporate these information into their daily operations.

The main barrier for this is that data visualization is limited to 2D maps and graphs, leaving data without 3D spatial anchors — which are key to effective data contextualization. 

– Paolo Espiritu, Co-founder

A core part of our technology is its capability to maximize crowd-sourced information, making our system smarter and relevant.

By further integrating Data Science and Machine Learning into the platform, we’re able to generate predictions based on successive RS data, providing additional foresight for users to plan ahead. 

– Lizbeth Daluz, Co-founder

 As more people use the AR platform, they contribute back locally-sourced data, improving the existing dataset. And with more data, our AI learns better and provides more accurate information for the users.